Women's History Month

Celebrating women artists, activists, performers and writers with a diverse line-up of events

ART, activism, performance and writing… Women’s History Month is upon us again and, this year, there is more going on than ever.

The first Women’s Day took place in New York back in 1909. That single day grew into a week; that week into a month.

From New York, the celebrations spread across the world so that now, Hackney is hosting a wide range of events right the way across the month of March.

This year’s theme is ‘honouring trailblazing women in labour and business’. So don’t miss ‘Champions’, artist Gillian Lawrence’s exhibition at Hackney Central Library, which celebrates the contribution that local women have made to the cause of feminism.

Don’t fail to swing by the Rich Mix either, where the ‘Arab Women Artists Now’ festival encompasses theatre, visual arts, music, film and discussions by female artists from across the Middle East and North Africa.

Now that’s what we call trailblazing.