The Moth Club: Hackney's newest night spot

The much loved ex-servicemen's club in Hackney Central gets makeover

IT seems appropriate that Hackney’s latest nightspot should be named after a nocturnal creature. In fact, the Moth Club has its roots in history.

MOTH stands for ‘Memorable Order of Tin Hats’ and the Hackney branch has been hosting activities for military veterans for over 40 years.

When it began to struggle financially, the people behind the Shacklewell Arms, in Dalston, came in as partners, promising to maintain the club’s traditions, while also giving it a new lease of life.




Reopening on 3 September, it promises to be ‘a completely new type of night out in Hackney’, a centre for the borough’s creative contingent, as well as the existing MOTH community.

The club in the Old Trades Hall, Valette Street, Hackney Central, will showcase its new look and ethos this weekend as one of six host venues for the Visions festival.

Early glimpses at the programme for the rest of the year reveal live music, cabaret, and club nights from Hot Breath Karaoke, The Cave Club and Tilt, alongside traditional entertainment like weekly bingo and race nights.

We can see moths new and old being drawn to its lights