Experience 'The Last Dance' at Hoxton Hall

An immersive tale exploring love, life and connection in the 21st century set in a strict dystopian institute

‘ALL relationship statuses welcome’, so reads the guide to Hoxton Hall’s latest piece of immersive theatre, ‘The Last Dance’.

Theatre company Reuben Feels’ previous gigs include touring the US with Mumford & Sons and engineered a zombie apocalypse for Xbox Live.

Now, they are staging their biggest production to date, taking over Hoxton Hall until 26 November. ‘The Last Dance is billed as an exploration of love, life and connection in the 21st century.

To enter into their fictional matchmaking institution, audience members must adhere to its strict uniform guidelines: white t-shirt and blue jeans. Once you’re in, however, things get distinctly wilder as you are led on a surreal, immersive journey through the Hall, in which you are the hero in your own dystopian adventure.

The Institute guarantees only two things: that you will experience ‘real connection’ and that you will end up on the dance floor. Are you brave enough to swipe right?

'The Last Dance' is on at Hoxton Hall until 26 November. Dress code: white t-shirt and blue jeans. Tickets £35, including an after-party on Fri-Sat.