Preview: Teenage Bedrooms exhibition at Geffrye Museum

Enter if you dare and explore 26 bedrooms of real life London teens

NOBODY enters a teenager’s bedroom by choice. A new exhibition at the Geffrye Museum, however, invites you to do just that.

‘Teenage Bedrooms: like a house inside of a house’ is a free exhibition that steps inside the lair of 26 London teens. A combination of real life photographs, interviews, objects and installations try to shed light on these typically mysterious worlds, and explore how they have changed over time. 

The exhibition shows how identity, memory and friendship are expressed within these private spaces. Most of the teenagers interviewed in order to create the display, saw their rooms as a reflection of their own individuality, changing as they change.

The rooms were also a rich personal archive that commemorate childhood and family history, providing continuity with the past.

Parents were also interviewed as part of the project, and they reflected on the differences between their own teenage bedrooms and their children's, who are now able to retreat to their rooms to talk to friends on social media, rather than brave the phone in the hall.

In present-day rooms, the mobile by the pillow or the laptop on the duvet is a recurrent sight. At the same time, some teenagers are still attracted to the tangibility of earlier, non-digital forms of communication, such as letters and vinyl records.

Though each room is different, common themes emerge. 'Teenage Bedrooms', it suggests, are more than just unsanitary fleapits. They are intimate canvases, on which can be read memories, stories of friendships and identities in flux. Venture in if you dare!

‘Teenage Bedrooms: like a house inside of a house’ is on at the Geffrye Museum, in Hoxton, until 23 April.