Russell Brand opens cafe in Hackney

The Trew Era Cafe opens in Hoxton on 26 March

COMEDIAN, film star, author, political agitator, Jeremy Paxman irritator and now… barrista? Russell Brand’s continually evolving CV appears to be undergoing yet another update as he opens a cofee shop in Hackney.

The Trew Era Cafe, named after Brand’s daily YouTube news show The Trews, opens on 26 March. It is located on the New Era estate where Brand campaigned alongside residents last year to protest against rent increases.

The cafe appears to be supported by the profits from a paperback edition of the comedian’s book 'Revolution'. Last year, in an interview with Time Out, Brand said: “I’m mindful that the primary consequence of this book should not be a rich person getting richer.

"That’s why I’m committed to using the profits to create a cafe/meeting space that serves food, and which is gonna be run entirely by recovering addicts. I’m not gonna do this and then get a house in Provence.”

The cafe will reportedly be run as a social enterprise, supporting the community rather than raising profits. The cafe’s Twitter feed appeared to support that assertion, using its first tweet to comment that 'people in abstinence based recovery and nutters and revolutionaries [are] especially welcome'.