Rise of the Machines comes to The Victoria in Dalston

A Nonclassical produced event that explores the mechanical in modern classical music

A MUSIC event is bringing new meaning to ‘doing the robot’ on the dance floor.

On 13 April, a monthly music night run by Nonclassical, at The Victoria in Dalston, takes the theme of ‘Rise of the Machines’ and aims to explore the relationship between man and machine, orchestral music and technology.

Classical club-nights are on the rise, as classical performers, composers and promoters experiment with tradition and break free of the constraints of the conventional concert hall.

Founded by composer Gabriel Prokofiev in 2004, Nonclassical is at the forefront of this movement.

The Victoria’s ‘Rise of the Machines’ night is part of a wider festival, which includes events at the University of Westminster and a collaboration with Southbank Sinfonia. 

Here, in Hackney, the theme will be explored through performances of machine-based music and electronics from Tom Richards, Dead Fader and Nonclassical’s 2016 Battle of the Bands winners Ensemble x.y.

It’s classical music for those who don’t usually do classical (robots included). Tickets are £6, or £8 on the door.