Preview: Tamburlaine - Marlowe's tale of war, vengeance and mistrust at Arcola theatre

This re-imagining of the 16th century drama by an all female, East Asian cast brings new relevance to a classic tale

POLITICS, tyranny and towering ambition. All familiar themes on today’s world stage. And, as it turns out, on the stages of London’s theatres in 1587. 

Written by Christopher Marlowe a year before William Shakespeare made his playwriting debut, ‘Tamburlaine’ is a study of a charismatic anti-hero, whose thirst for conquest is monstrous, but his passions all too disturbingly human. 

This production by the Yellow Earth theatre company arrives at the Arcola theatre, in Dalston, next month and distils the original two-part play into a troubling two hours.

Ng Choon Ping directs a mainly female British East Asian cast and live taiko drumming to bridge the centuries and speak to modern audiences about the eternal themes of war, vengeance and mistrust. 

Tamburlaine is on at the Arcola theatre, Dalston, from 15 March to 8 April. Tickets start at £14.