Preview: Richard III at the Rosemary Branch theatre

This anarchic interpretation of Shakespeare's blackest history play tells the story of the most infamous English monarch

IT’S billed as the original ‘House of Cards’. And, indeed, this anarchic retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’ has all the hallmarks of a Netflix thriller. 

Homicidal hero? Tick. Power, politics and plotting? Tick, tick, tick. In fact, you’ll even recognise one of the actors, Kate Dobson, from the cult TV show ‘Fresh Meat’. 

This latest offering at the Rosemary Branch Theatre is brought to us from GODOT’s WATCH, a new theatre company that has critics gossiping excitedly about its highly visual style. 

Featuring mostly Manchester School of Theatre graduates, this production takes a contemporary approach to the original text, with women playing some of the traditionally male roles including Katie Norris as Queen Elizabeth, and Sophie Ormond as Edward V, the regal rival murdered by Sam Coulson's Richard in his Machiavellian rise to power.

“Now is the winter of our discontent,” as Shakespeare's Richard III famously says. So make your winter slightly more contented, and book a ticket to this show. 

‘Richard III’ runs from 17 to 29 January at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. Tickets start at £12.