Preview: NOW 17 at The Yard theatre

The annual festival of new works presents five weeks of double-bill productions

WHAT’S going to happen in 2017? It’s the question on everybody’s lips but, luckily, The Yard theatre has the answer… in the performance arts sector, at least. 

The Hackney Wick theatre’s festival of newly emerging performance art is back and taking place over five weeks from the end of January to the beginning of March. 

Five of the most influential young artists of this year have been paired with five exciting new writers to produce, yep, five double-bill performances.

So in week one of ‘NOW 17’, you can catch the artist Richard Dodwell’s sound piece ‘PLANES’ alongside solo performer Sylvia Rimat’s ‘This Moment Now’. 

The line-up also features works by award-winning theatre makers including Emma Frankland, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Ira Brand, Jude Christian and Chris Goode with his avant-garde performance boy band, Ponyboy Curtis.

The annual festival’s enduring appeal rests on the way it gives audiences a rare chance to discover something new and unexpected on stage.

So, go on, take a chance… Tickets start at £12 for a double bill. NOW 17 runs from 31 January until 4 March at The Yard Theatre, in Hackney Wick.