Preview: 'Brixton Rock' - gritty story of a care-leaver's search for personal identity

The latest emotive production by The Big House theatre company comes to Hackney

“NOT even a lion rejects her cubs. I have to know why she done it.” So speaks Brenton Brown, the protagonist of ‘Brixton Rock’, setting the scene for yet another highly emotive production by The Big House theatre company.

This time round, the cast of care leavers has collaborated with award-winning writer Alex Weatle MBE. A care leaver himself, Weatle’s novel has been interpreted, adapted and performed by the company’s latest group of at-risk young people.

Most of them will empathise with this story of a young care leaver, searching for his own personal and cultural identity. And under the guidance of award-winning director Ned Bennett, their performances will ensure that all who watch them do too.

Brenton has never known his parents. As a care leaver living in a hostel he craves the support of a family. But when he meets his mother and his beautiful half-sister, his life changes forever. 

Performances run from now until 12 March at Mangle E8, 2-18 Warburton Rd, E8 3FN. Tickets are £15, with £12 concessions.