Preview: Artists and Artisans of the East End

New exhibition documents the artists who live and work in Hackney Wick

PHOTOGRAPHER Ansell Cizic has lived in Hackney Wick for the past 10 years, witnessing – and documenting – the considerable transformation of the East End. 

‘Artists and Artisans of the East End’ is an ongoing archival project of his, following the artists working and living in the area.

Cizic’s brief to himself was simple: one camera, one lens, daylight, and a limited time in which to take the photograph.

Through his work, it became apparent to Cizic that the creative individuals who made Hackney Wick their home, like Gavin Turk (pictured above), have also inadvertantly made it an attractive financial proposition for property developers, leading them to now be ‘an endangered species’.

'Artists and Artisans of the East End' is on until 1 November at the Well Hung Gallery, 239 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG.