'Drones, Baby, Drones' showing at the Arcola Theatre

Two plays showing at Dalston shed a light on the secretive drones programme used in America

"FROM now on, it’s drones, baby drones,” the former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates once chillingly explained.

As Barack Obama prepares to leave office, a world premier at the Arcola Theatre  probes this brave new world of warfare.

‘Drones, Baby Drones’ is actually two plays, by three writers. Staged together as a double bill, the plays’ credits read like a blockbuster roll-call: there’s Emmy winning writing Ron Hutchinson, legendary foreign correspondent Christina Lamb, multi-award winning playwright David Greig and the Arcola’s own Artistic Director, Mehmet Ergen.

The first play, ‘This Tuesday’, explores the world of Washington DC. A CIA director has just learnt of her daughter’s car crash, a White House security adviser is sleeping with an intern and a Pentagon General is lifting weights. In one hour, they will all be asked to make an earth shattering decision.

The second play, ‘The Kid’, tells the story of the drone that hits a wedding in Pakistan. 7,000 miles away, two drone operators begin to celebrate. But that’s just the start.

'Drones, Baby, Drones' is showing at the Arcola Theatre until 26 November. Tickets are from £10.