Pop-up dining event, Abigail's Party, launches in Hackney

A 1970s themed five course pop-up dining experience, combining food, theatre and music

DIG out your draylon dress, find your flares and prepare to travel back through time to the 70s. The Art of Dining, professional purveyors of pop-up dining experiences, have devised a new event in Hackney, and this time the theme is 'Abigail’s Party'.

Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr and set designer Alice Hodge have previously created interactive supper events in National Trust properties and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Now, they’re taking over Hackney’s Rose Lipman Building and transforming it into a 70s sitting room, complete with hostess trolleys, loud wallpaper, shag-pile rugs and the obligatory lava lamps.

The evening will begin with a stiff drink while Demis Roussos’s tremulous tones resound from the record player and actors recreate the atmosphere of Mike Leigh’s original suburban comedy of manners.

The menu promises a five course, culinary tour through 70s tastes, taking in prawn cocktails and grapefruits spiked with cheese and pineapple chunks, via mousses and fondues.

Ellen Parr’s menus never amount to bland mimicry, however, so expect modern, innovative twists on retro classics. Even from that symbol of the 70s: the twiglet.

Abigail’s Party will be hosted at The Rose Lipman Building, N1 5SQ, from 7.30-11pm on 11-14 March, 18-21 March, and 1-4 April. Tickets are priced at £55, including a five course meal and a welcome cocktail.